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Attilio 'Jack'(Giacomo) Morpurgo, M.D.
Born Alexandria, Egypt, 1903 (Parents: Anselmo Morpurgo (b. Cairo, Egypt) and Ida Sierra Morpurgo (b. Staten Island, U.S.A.)

Attilio and Vilhelma (Vilna Jorgen) with nine-month-old Annaselma (Artemis Smith), 1934

"The Mahattan Project" c. 1942: Attilio, whose childhood friend, Enrico Fermi, was brought by him to meet the staff at Welfare Island Hospital, recruited many of the staff to accompany him in the Manhattan Project. Seen here are Dr. Henry Kissinger, next to Chief of Staff Herbert Schueller (early sponsor of The Savant Garde Institute), Michael Dacso, later Academic Dean of Albert Einstein Medical College and Attilio's roommate. Also depicted are Dr. Baruch (father of Bernard H. Baruch)and Drs. DiCori, Kwashewska, Holbrook, among others also famous.

"The Family Quartet" c.1949 Attilio, Vilhelma, Annaselma, Helga, in Elmhurst, Queens, New York

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