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Artemis Smith

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stars STATS:

Real Name:
Prof. Annselm L.N.V. Morpurgo
Multimedia Artist & Philosopher of Science
Jan. 9, 1934
Birth Place:
Rome, Italy
Contact Address:
the savant garde workshop
POB 1650, 6 Union Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963 USA

stars If Leonardo or Amadeus has come back as a woman, then here she is!
Her most important work is a short paper in the philosophy of science which is actually an avant garde art work utilizing the medium of the information sciences to explicate a causal account of Human Consciousness. Her "On Simulating Consciousness" should have been included in a Nobel Prize list of researchers connected to the Sperry Split Brain award. Often plagiarized and suppressed, her civil rights litigation opened the entire Philosophy discipline to women and minorities. She is truly one of the most versatile little-known renaissance geniuses of this century.
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stars Free e-mail downloads of key works:

contact the savant garde workshop for free samples of works that are available on demand in signed limited editions.

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