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Welcome to the
International Family MORPURGO
from All of Us to All of You!

2000, The Hamptons, USA? No!
Circa 1937, The Lido at Ostia,
outside Rome, Italy!

Seen are Baron Attilio Morpurgo, M.D., and wife, scandinavian artist Vilna Jorgen (b. Lady Adele Vilhelma Ludvikke Vinje-Larsen-Nilsen, desc. Jarl Adolphe Martinius Nilsen). Daughters Helga Ida Christina, two, in foreground and Annselma, three, in-step behind Mamma in a petit pas. (Vilna had studied with Fokine and danced with Nijinsky.) Seen also is Mariolino, ward of attorney Carlo Belleli who is taking the photo. (Belleli, an advocate for dissidents, died just a few weeks later, allegedly of appendicitis but more likely from a forced overdose of Mussolini's castor oil.)

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Family Crest bearing the Seal of Umberto I as handed down by
Baron Anselmo Morpurgo to sons Aldo and Attilio.

Note some of the details not clearly visible in the photo: The heraldry appears Teutonic, circa 1100 a.d., and documents participation in the Crusades. (The medalion has a Crusaders' Cross, and the Biblical icons of The Peace Dove from The Great Flood, and the central figure of Jonah emerging from The Whale, may both signify an earlier claim of ancestral origin. The Dove also appears in the crest of Christopher Columbus and also that of Jacques D'Arc, disputed father of Joan of Arc.) The Tower may refer to part of the family's prior settlement in medieval Castille or to another possible ancestral forbear of the Sierra-DeCastro branch, united by marriage to Morpurgo, the legendary Ines De Castro, (allegedly murdered in 1355 and posthoumously-crowned Queen of Portugal by Pedro I).

Morpurgo International Family Archive
Welcome All! This multinational site is still for the most part under construction.

The listings and services to be offered are being compiled in benefit of the Morpurgo Center for the Arts and Sciences which we hope to develop at the SAGG HARBOUR ART CENTER of THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, LTD., an educational foundation established by members of the Morpurgo Family now relocated in Sag Harbor, The Hamptons, New York, USA.

{The Institute advocates a philosophy of art which defines "the aesthetic object" as "the creation of Beauty in the Human Subject" through the application of the same rigorous analytical techniques used by professional philosophers of science.

Savant Garde Artists are simultaneously professional philosophical practitioners interacting with their Subjects in a Socratic tradition.}

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This site welcomes all members of the World Family Morpurgo and their friends and patrons. Whether famous or infamous or living a simple life, come join our pages and tell us more about yourself, your life partners, your existence.

Our branch of the family is an open family, deriving from a strong central european tradition in free masonry. This site is therefore not restricted to any ethnic or religious affiliation. We welcome a melting pot of ideas to improve the Universal and (even soon Cosmological) Human condition. And we reject the restrictive bonds of politico-geneticism and ethnicism as being a proper measure of real Humanity - a category which in the future may well include other species, biological or not - a measure that rests solely on the ability and conscious choice of sentient beings to live their lives with empathy and compassion for all other sentient life forms.

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We Are Planning a Memorial Site for Deceased Morpurgo's and Their Extended Families.